• IAAIS is a worldwide organization of over a hundred independent Audio Information Services which provide printed material in audio form. In almost all cases, these services are provided free of charge\. IAAIS assists and encourages the formation of Audio Information Services. We've consulted with or had member services from South Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Canada. We've sent representatives to AIS-development workshops in Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. IAAIS works with the FCC to advocate for our print-impaired audience, and we've worked with Ibiquity and National Public Radio in the development of new digital technology that expands the capabilities of HD Radio to serve the needs of the blind.

  • Radio Talking Book Service Inc. is made possible from a grant from KIOS-FM in Omaha Nebraska. KIOS-FM is the key frequency for our SCA receivers at 91.5fm and SCA 67 khz. Without them we could not be on-the Air!

  • Radio Talking Book Broadcasts throughout the state of Nebraska thanks to NET.