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Audio Description

From Broadway to ballet, RTBS volunteers provide live Audio Description for performances and community events.  RTBS will partner with community venues to provide equal access to programming and events through audio description services.  This service empowers attendees with a visual disability to join family and friends for an exhibit, performance, or event. Then, using a headset provided by RTBS, they listen to a trained audio describer relate the visual information in real time.  This can include costumes and sets, artwork, the antics of a team’s mascot, animals in a zoo habitat, the spectacle of a parade, and so much more!

Audio Description makes arts and culture available for everyone. Imagine Cinderella dropping her slipper, a priceless ancient artifact, or the winning goal, all of these examples are visual moments. We work to make these moments available for everyone. The audio describer uses breaks in action to narrate the visual material for the attendee with a visual disability. This ensures that everyone can attend an event together and everyone can understand the action. 

Upcoming Performances

Audio Description is scheduled for the performance dates listed below. It can also be arranged by special request. 

Please reach out to the respective venues to purchase tickets and indicate you are requesting Audio Description.  Additionally, you can contact RTBS at (402) 572-3003 to request the service at a performance or venue not listed below or if you have any questions at all about AD. 

Orpheum Theater (402) 661-8501

  • To Kill a Mockingbird: Saturday, February 11 at 2pm

  • Les Miserables: Saturday, March 11 at 2pm

  • Frozen: Saturday, April 22 at 2pm

  • Hairspray: Saturday, June 10 at 2pm

The Rose Theater (402) 345-4849

  • The Lightning Thief: Saturday, January 28 at 2pm

  • Havana Hop: Saturday, February 18 at 2pm

  • Stinky Cheese Man: Saturday, March 25 at 2pm

  • Last Stop on Market Street: Saturday, April 22 at 2pm

  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Saturday, June 17 at 2pm