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Listener Liaison Portal

Thank you for being a Listener Liaison!  Please fill out the form as prompted.  There is a list of questions below to use during the call.  Those answers can be recorded in the text box labelled Questionnaire Feedback.  Following that box, there are places to update contact information or indicate wrong numbers, disconnected phones, etc.

Listener Liaison Questionnaire

Listener Questions
  • Have you received your radio and is it working for you?

  • Which programs do you enjoy?

  • Do you feel our programs help you remain up-to-date with happenings in our State and/or resources (help/assistance) available to you?

  • Is there programming you were hoping to hear but haven’t yet or programming you’d like to hear that doesn’t seem to be offered?

  • What can we do to make our service better fit your needs; what do you need from us?

Further Contact Details