Let's Gives Together with DateRTBS receives over $3,000

in donations during Omaha Gives 2015!

The Radio Talking Book Network provides listeners with a wide variety of informative programming with over 100 volunteer readers, whose diverse voices are broadcast throughout Nebraska and southwest Iowa. Although there are books available through great organizations like the Talking Book and Braille Services by the Omaha Public Library and the Library of Congress, there is still a large void that needs to be filled in helping visually impaired individuals remain engaged in their community.

Radio Talking Book Network helps fill that gap. Although we serve blind and visually impaired perlistening to radiossons of all ages, our RTBN listening audience is predominately older people in their 70s, 80s and 90s.  Many of them had their vision all their lives but now, because of age-related problems such as macular degeneration, diabetes, and strokes, can no longer read printed material.  We often hear from those we serve that what they miss the most is driving a car and reading the newspaper.  While we don’t generally drive a car for them, we’re pleased to be able to read the paper, grocery store ads, and many other print materials necessary! These donations touch the lives of Nebraska’s blind and visually impaired, the elderly, and those with the inability to no longer read print. RTBS provides current, local, human-voiced information choices to lead self-directed lives!

Thank you to all who donated: 

We could not have done this without the generous support of: Robert, Lori, Donald, Joni,  Mark,  Bekah,  Michael,  Deborah,  Gloria,  Deborah Bryan, Deanna, Lynn Marie, Catherine, Alan, Deborah, Frank, Richard, Michael, Mary, Deborah, Nadine, Carol, James, Ralph, Jessica M-E,  H W Bill,  Joe, Deborah Gary,  John & Elizabeth, Mark, Donald,  Joni,  Lori,  Robert & 2 anonymous donors!
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