“It’s like sliced bread. It’s perfect.” — Rita and John

Radio Talking Book Service is a non-profit organization that provides a radio reading service for the blind and visually disabled persons in the Nebraska and surrounding areas. We help people make the transition from life with sight to a non-sighted world. Our goal is not just to be a radio but an audio companion. We try to provide quality programing that is not only entertaining but speaks into people’s lives. RTBS was founded in 1974 and is located in Omaha, Nebraska. We broadcast through KIOS-FM in Omaha and the stations of NET radio, covering the entire state. RTBS is a non-profit organization created for individuals who have visual and physical impairments that prevent them from reading printed materials and enjoying performing arts and other activities. Most of our listeners are 65 years of age and older. Many have lost their vision due to macular degeneration, stroke, diabetes, or other complications. Since most of our listeners have lost their sight over time, they often talk about how they miss the daily, simple pleasures connected to sight, such as driving and reading the newspaper. We cannot fill every void that comes along with vision loss but we try to do our part by providing quality radio programming and services. RTBS reaches the majority of our listeners through special radios; in order to qualify for one of our radios one must simply fill out a brief application. To be eligible to receive the radio free of charge you must have a visual or physical disability as certified by a competent authority, such that one is unable to read, see, or handle standard printed material as a result of physical limitations. We hope you enjoy our services and will take this chance to learn more about all that RTBS has to offer. This site is full of information regarding RTBS. It has the current schedule of shows, newsletters and media kits, and contact information. We are also proud to offer our radio programming online, streaming live 24/7. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Thanks for visiting! Member I A A I S Google+